Marcus S. / Jacksonville, FL: How long have you been doing music?
Bri: I have had a love for and doing music since 8 years old
Nicole R. / Flint, MI: Who are your musical influences?
Bri: MC Lyte, Mary J. Blige, Da Brat, and Eve
Brandon L. / Dallas, TX: Saw your pictures, how many days a week do you workout? PS. Great boxing video!!
Bri: Six days a week which include, weights, cardio, boxing (two of them), and diet. BTW THANKS ;)
Donte P. / Phoenix, AZ: What is your favorite song that you have done?
Bri:Honestly every song is so different and has a special meaning to me, I could never pick.
Gino G. / Austin, TX: I saw you perform at the Juicy J show. You absolutely killed it. When are you coming back to Texas?
Bri:That was my first time in Texas and I loved it. So expect me back soon!
Tasha C. / Tempe, AZ: Glad you came to the area, its nice to have fresh female hip hop artists in the valley. Do you think it is more difficult for women to break into the music industry than men?
Bri:The music business is difficult to break into at any level. Thankfully past female artist like MC Lyte have paved the way.
Jacob D. / Little Rock, AR:What was your most embarrassing moment on stage?
Bri:One night performing before a packed crowd when I had the flu I got half way one of my songs and forgot the words, total BLANK. Words of advice: HYDRATE kid!
Hilton V. / Gary, IN: I saw on your website you were playing with a lot of children. Were you a teacher?
Bri:A swim teacher. LOL! I actually had the pleasure to do six months of volunteer work in the Dominican Republic recently, what a great experience.
Lamar A. / Oakland, CA: Since your from Ohio but are in Phoenix, do you consider yourself west or east coast?
Radabell L. / Denver, CO: I love your music, it sounds like you have a lot of fun. Would you consider yourself wild and crazy or free spirited and cool?
Bri:Definitely free spirited and cool, I love to have fun but still accomplish what I set out to do.
Lance Y. / Washington, DC: What would you want your legacy to be in your life?
Bri:That I helped a lot of people, touched a lot of hearts, walked my own path, and was humble through it all.
Brice C. / Lima, OH: Who is your favorite artist that has come out of Ohio? And can a brother get your number????
Bri:Marilyn Manson, LOL! Actually I would have to go with the O’Jays. And the other question is 1-xxx-xxxx you have to guess the rest. LOL
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Briana goes on tour with Juicy J in Texas hitting the cities of Laredo, South Padre, Corpus Christi, and Austin in Sept 2014
Briana releases her new song "Lose It" Sept 2014
Briana performs along side Soulja Boy in Hollywood, CA July 2014
Briana Opens for Young Dro in Los Angeles, CA February 2014!
Briana Opens for Ying Yang Twins in Long Beach, CA February 2014!
Release of New Single "Paradise" January 2014!
Briana Opens for Kurupt in Long Beach, CA November 2013!
Briana Opens for Too $hort in Long Beach, CA October 2013!
Music Video "Ode To Failure" released August 2013!!
Promotions in Las Vegas on the Strip, Giveaways All Day!!
New Song "Night Life" Released !!!
Briana Opens for Drop City Yacht Club in Phoenix, AZ July 2013!!
Briana Opens for E-40 in Tempe, AZ May 2013!
Briana Brandy graces the stage with Jadakiss and LOX in Los angeles at the legendary Belasco Theater April 3rd Check out footage from show on the Videos page.
Briana will be taking a journey to the Dominican Republic in June where she will be participating in the STRENGTH for THE JOURNEY foundation which helps children learn new things like reading and writing in english. while preparing them for school.
Catch Briana's LIVE show at Los Globos in Los Angeles June 20th at 10pm she with be performing with Lil Debbie and Sasha Go Hard.
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